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Pete’s Guitar Studio- offering the best private music lessons for Guitar, Bass, Mandolin and Ukulele!

* All lessons will be live online video lessons via Zoom . Find out more about online lessons here
Pete is both a very good guitar player and an excellent teacher- a rare combination. Not all guitar players make good guitar teachers. With his 26 years of teaching experience, Pete has learned how to slow down/ breakdown techniques so students can easily understand them.

Lessons are tailored to meet individual students interests. Learn songs, proper technique, improvisation, sight-reading, music theory, Rock Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Classical technique, composition and recording.

Entry level students will learn how to hold the guitar the right way. Learn proper right and left hand technique. Learn how to develop good practice habits. Learn finger exercises and scales to develop dexterity and finger independence. Learn basic chords and how to switch easily between them using chord progressions. Students will learn strum patterns with song examples. Learn picking patterns for 4/4, 3/4 and 6/8 time. Work with Arpeggios and learn how to use them in songs. Some people try to teach themselves and end up developing bad habits. It can be very frustrating when you have to unlearn these.

Intermediate students will build on this foundation and improve their skills. Learn Pentatonic scales and Modes of the major scale. Learn how these scales relate to chords and progressions by studying Harmonization of the Major Scale. Learn licks and ideas for improvisation. Learn basic music theory. Master the fretboard-learn patterns that will help you find notes easily. Learn songs in the style you choose and see the techniques and ideas used to build these songs. Learn diatonic 7th chords and how they are built from the Major scale.
Then learn how to write songs using 7th chords.

Advanced students will learn chord inversions, extended chord voicings and chord melody techniques. They will also learn to apply advanced soloing techniques to modes and scales. Learn advanced Arpeggio runs. Students will learn how to break out of scale patterns and create more musical ideas. Learn advanced music theory.

Lesson Prices

1/2 hour lesson $32.
Hour lesson $64.

Lessons are by appointment only.

Contact me to schedule a lesson today!

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* All lessons will be live online video lessons via Zoom . Find out more about online lessons here
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