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iKlip Xpand iPad and Tablet holder from IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia iKlip Xpand iPad and tablet holder
iKlip Xpand $49.
It's every musician's nightmare: You're on stage. You're performing. But then something goes terribly wrong and your tablet — which you're using to perform — suddenly crashes to the floor and its screen splinters into a million little glass pieces. It's enough to give anyone a heart attack. Now you can alleviate your fears and perform with confidence thanks to IK's new iKlip Xpand. It's an adjustable tablet holder that uses four expandable grips that can hold most large tablet sizes securely. Its rubberized "Gorilla Grip" technology holds your iPad or tablet on a microphone stand, and its ball joint design allows for infinite adjustment so you'll always have an optimal viewing angle.

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A secure mount you can trust
iKlip Xpand features an expandable holding bracket with a soft rubber contact surface that adjusts to the width of your device providing a safe and secure way to hold your tablet firmly. With iKlip Xpand, you can position your device exactly where you want it and rest assured it will stay in place.
From iPad mini to iPad Pro and beyond
iKlip Xpand features several breakthrough technologies that allow it to hold virtually any tablet with a screen size from 7” to 12.9”. You can even use it without removing the protective case of many of your favorite devices. First, iKlip Xpand features an expandable holding bracket that utilizes an expansion "memory" bracket which allows you to quickly and easily mount an iPad — or similarly sized tablets — to a microphone stand. Its rubberized "Gorilla Grip" backing ensures a firm grip of the device that neither scratches nor mars your tablet's surface. Its ball joint global positioning system lets you precisely position your device at any angle for optimum viewing in both landscape and portrait modes.
Universal expandable microphone stand mount for all tablets and iPad models and generations
Expandable arms can hold all popular tablets sized 7” to 12.9”
Smart bracket design leaves buttons and ports free from obstruction
Ball joint global positioning system provides easy adjustable viewing angle and free rotation between portrait and landscape orientations
Adjustable mic stand clamp can be mounted on a vertical pole or horizontal boom with a diameter of up to 1.2” (30mm)
Two sure-grip rubber gripping points and rubber padded base that support the tablet securely without scratching or marring its surface
Comes with iKlip Stage, a powerful page turning and music score management app
Designed and made in Italy

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