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"Lessons at Pete's Guitar Studio have established my sense of rhythm, song composition/feel, instrument knowledge, and provided the foundation necessary for growth as a musician.  Pete's background in various musical styles, instruments, and theory allows the student to develop without intimidating material, unreasonable expectations, and other attributes which can discourage progress.  Practice exercises enforce proper technique and are built on a patient, collaborative environment focusing on the individual."  --Marc C.
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"I have been going to Pete's for over 2 years now.  He has helped me tremendously in my playing, with his knowledge, and patience in making sure I understand the how's and why's of what I am playing, and he has never once tried to "show off" as many other teachers have before me.  I have and will continue to recommend others to him.  I wish I had started with him years ago!!!"   --Terry Heaward
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"My son, Mitchell - now 12, has been taking lessons from Pete for over 6 years.  He has moved from basic easy tunes to chord structures and improvisation.  Pete has made it fun to learn basics without getting bored, and relates to kids of all ages.  Mitchell has always been excited to go to his lessons, and loves to hear Pete play.  Pete teaches in an encouraging, affirming way, while still holding Mitchell accountable for what he's supposed to be practicing.  I think that's what a teacher should strive for."  --Dawne R
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"Pete has a great teaching style that encompasses both structure (helps my engineer's brain) and musicality. I have been a student of Pete's for 15+ years and look forward to my lesson every week."  --Ben G
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"I have been taking lessons at Pete's Guitar Studio for three years now. I was taking lessons somewhere else for two years prior to switching, and I can honestly say that I learned more with Pete in two months than I did the entire two years I was at the other place. I highly recommend PGS!" --Ashley T.
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"Pete’s Guitar Studio has been such a great experience for me. Pete has taught me a great deal about both guitar and bass guitar. I now know how to read music and to improvise and play most scales. I have a great ear now, thanks to Pete."    --Dylan C.
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"Over the many years that I’ve been going to Pete’s Guitar Studio I have learned not only the basics about music theory, but also how to play my favorite songs, and how to write my own. Pete has always had a wealth of knowledge whether it be about which guitar to buy, or which chord to play. "   --Adam C.
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"I may not be the best guitar player, but I have all the resources to become one because of the wonderful teacher that I have.  He is always so kind and patient when I make mistakes or get confused.  His explanations are clear and thorough, but never boring or too complicated or hard to understand.  Lessons consist of music and songs that are of a wide range of genres and by a variety of artists, plus songs on the radio I hear or personal favorites of mine that I would like to learn.  The diversity of the music and the quality of the teacher make guitar lessons a fun, relaxing experience that picks me up if I’ve had a bad day.  I always look forward to them and enjoy them thoroughly." --Annika B.
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"Pete’s Guitar Studio has been top notch ever since I started playing guitar. I started my guitar playing with lessons through Pete’s studio. I’ve been playing for three years, the first two I took lessons weekly with Pete. He is a great teacher. Very patient, talented, and well versed in many genres of music. I now play with a group of people and I feel that I am able to because of the experience through Pete’s studio. Pete’s Studio has been my choice for gear as well as all of my tech work on all of my guitars. I have recommended Pete to everyone I know, and many of those recommendations have either started lessons or go to Pete for setups, etc. Pete is my only choice and recommendation to anyone in the area." -- Tim S.
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"My son and I have been taking guitar lessons from Pete for almost 5 years now.  Pete is not only a gifted guitar player but also a gifted guitar teacher.  With work commitments, it is sometimes difficult to get in practice time and Pete allows me to go at my own pace.  He’s patient and never gets frustrated, even though I do sometimes!  If there’s a song I want to learn how to play, that’s encouraged.  Pete also goes beyond the basic guitar lessons, helping me with tips on how to better use my iPad for music as well as for non-music purposes." --Kerry S.
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"I've learned both bass guitar and acoustic/electric guitar from Pete's Guitar Studio. I've done some freestyle out of lessons with other guitarists, and yes, you can become a good guitarist learning on your own... but Pete teaches you this great foundation applicable to all styles. I didn't just learn how to play chords; I was taught why they are chords, what makes a certain chord that chord. Already a great guitarist? He teaches a wide variety of techniques that can sharpen anyone's skills as well. Seriously, I don't care how many YouTube videos someone watches, you won't learn as much as you can from Pete's Guitar Studio."  --Ryan J.

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