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Online Remote Guitar Lessons via Zoom, Facetime, or Skype

How Online Remote Lessons Work
Live one-on-one video lessons let you learn from your home by using a tablet, computer or TV. The main difference from traditional lessons is that I am not in the same room with you. This means I can’t physically move your hand into the right position. But I can show you how I am holding my guitar, and then I can see how you are holding yours and discuss this.
Because of audio delays and latency we can’t both play at the same time. And noise cancellation limits 2 way audio transmissions. But we can easily work around this by taking turns playing and I can send you mp3 audio tracks and sheet music as needed.

I have had great success with live one-on-one video lessons via Zoom, FaceTime and Skype.
My Zoom lessons are very secure and will not be interrupted- the link I send you for the meeting is password protected and I use a "Zoom waiting room".

This means even if someone gets the link somehow, they can't enter the meeting unless I let them in.
I have found that Zoom has superior audio/video quality as well as some great tools like file sharing, audio sharing, screen sharing etc.

Now you can have lessons on your schedule regardless of your location. You will receive the instruction you need to rock out in the comfort of your own home, hotel, or anywhere in the world!
*Travel is no longer a barrier to your musical career!
*Bragging rights for being super tech-savvy!
Live one on one online guitar lessons are great for people unable to find a guitar teacher in their local area.
They also give you flexibility over when you want to learn. Want to learn at 1:00am? It would be pretty hard to find a tutor locally wanting to teach at that time but it’s very likely somebody on the other side of the planet will be able to teach you. Depending on where you are located this time difference can be an advantage.

Why Live one on one online Guitar Lessons are better than a video lesson.
You can interact, ask questions, receive answers and have someone watch your technique and offer advice on how to improve.
Avoid bad habits.
Video lessons just let you watch someone else.
Live one on one online Guitar Lessons can be customized to your style and what you want to learn!

Before Starting Lessons
Please do these things before our first lesson.
1. Sign up for a free Zoom account at

2. If you are using a mobile phone or tablet, install the Zoom App -
Apple devices
Android devices

3. Let me know your level of playing and the kind of music you are interested in learning.

4. Test your webcam and microphone in the Zoom App.

5. Sign up for PayPal

6.Tune your guitar before the lesson.

7.Be ready 5 minutes before our scheduled lesson.

8. Set up your camera so I can see your left hand in the video. Avoid having a window or bright lights behind you. Use front lighting so your face and guitar are clear in the video.

9. Download the Tempo Metronome App. This is a great practice tool and will help you develop a good sense of timing.
Apple devices

If you have more questions contact me:
Phone 603-749-8844

What You Will Need
*A computer, tablet, mobile phone, or TV with a webcam and a microphone.
These can be purchased separately if they are not built in.
*High speed internet connection.
*Headphones- it is best to wear headphones for best audio quality. Otherwise you will get a feedback loop
from the audio coming out of your speakers and going back into the microphone.

30 minute Online lesson $28
Hour Online Lesson $56.
Lesson payment will be via Paypal. This is a secure method of payment and you can make payments anywhere in the world. Payments will be in US dollars and you can use PayPal to convert the amount to your local currency. PayPal is free for you to use and you can find out more on the PayPal web site.
Once we agree on a time for lessons I will email you an invoice via PayPal. From this email you can login to PayPal to make payment. (Or you can pay via the PayPal button below).
Payments can also be made thru Zelle or Venmo.
I require payment before our scheduled lesson.

For Best Performance
*Use headphones.

*Close background programs on your computer.

*Make sure to plug your computer directly into the Ethernet port of your modem with a Cat 5 cable.

*If you are using Wi-Fi find the best location in your home by using

*Plug laptops into the wall so batteries don’t go dead.

Click for Skype Info
Before Starting Lessons
Please do these things before our first lesson.
1.Download Skype at
2.And sign up
3.Email me your user name and Skype email address.
Please include your level of playing and the kind of music you are interested in learning.
4.Test your webcam and microphone in the Skype App.

Skype Support Links
Sound Problems
Connection Problems
Video Problems

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