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Database Creation
Click to create a datafile of your public webpages and their meta data. Depending on the size and speed of your website, it can sometimes take several minutes for rebuilding of the search database to complete. The web browser might display 'loading' or 'waiting for' in the browser status bar. Please be patient and allow this process to complete! Once completed successfully, you should see a green success message shown in the console box below. If there was a problem with building the search database, a red error message may get displayed instead. Reload this webpage to hide the admin panel and to test your search box.

Database Download
Click this button to download a backup copy of your RapidSearch Live database in XML format. This file can either be archived, moved to another web server or you can open it in any plain text editor. You can also add this downloaded XML file as a resource in RapidWeaver and set it as your 'test' database in the stack settings. Then you will be able to test the search offline in RapidWeaver preview.

Database Viewer
Click this button to view the XML code being used for your search database, in your web browser. This option can be useful if you want to see what pages have been indexed and inspect the data being used for the search. However not all web browsers support the display of XML.

Search Result List
Clicking this button will force the display of all search results in the webpage. You can use this option to quality-control the search results shown to your website users. If you spot something wrong, you can make the changes to the page in RapidWeaver, publish the page, then rebuild the search database again. To reset the search results back to hidden again, refresh the webpage.
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